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Conditions of Use

FlowerRewards™.com orders are connected to an incentive / rewards program. All orders placed with an Individual product value of $39.98 or more (exclusive of our standard $12.95 or $14.95 service fee) will qualify for a free gift card incentive for floral and gift purchases, and may be chosen from our current rewards options. All reward or gift card values may increase depending on the cost of the floral arrangement or gift sent and are identified by the reward icon next to all products. Any floral or gift products with a product value of less than $39.98 are considered non-qualifying orders and do not qualify for any category and no incentive or gift certificate-gift card is available for these orders. Higher Product prices may apply during floral holidays and additional service charges may apply during floral holidays at the sole discretion of FlowerRewards™.com. Prices may change without prior notice. FlowerRewards™.com reserves the right to refuse service to any customer for any lawful reason whatsoever and this right is and shall be at the sole discretion of FlowerRewards™.com and its employees. Protect your complementary gift certificates or gift cards or e-gift card like cash, FlowerRewards™.com will not be responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed rewards gift cards-gift certificates or e-gift cards and they will not be replaced. Gift cards—gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash and there is no cash value for any gift—card or gift certificate. All gift card-gift certificates will be sent via First Class U.S. Mail or via e-mail to their respective recipients. FlowerRewards™.com is not responsible for any incorrect email or physical addresses or any recipient or sender information of any kind or for any incorrect, erroneous or incomplete order information transmitted to us by any means from our customers for any reason whatsoever. All transactions are in U.S. dollars. Appropriate sales tax may apply on applicable order transactions. FlowerRewards™.com reserves the right to credit sending customers credit card account for the face value of any reward or rewards if a particular reward, gift card, gift certificate or flowerReward™ is out of stock or discontinued or unavailable for any reason whatsoever at the sole discretion of FlowerRewards™.com. FlowerRewards™.com will deliver all incentive rewards in a reasonable and timely manor. However, FlowerRewards™.com reserves the right to deliver any selected reward or reward’s / incentives up to 8 weeks from the original delivery date of any order placed with us. Orders requiring a credit for any reason shall not qualify for any incentive or reward and shall be considered null and void for any and all reward incentives, unless otherwise determined by FlowerRewards™.com and at the sole discretion of FlowerRewards™. All reward and incentive cards or certificates shall remain the exclusive and sole property of their respective issuer and shall be surrendered by the customer at the verbal or written demand of respective issuer or its employees or FlowerRewards™.com or its employees. All FlowerRewards™ gift cards- gift certificates are intended for and offered to our customers for the sole and express purposes of promotional customer incentives only, for the purchase of floral and gift products from FlowerRewards™. FlowerRewards does not offer any gift cards or gift certificates for any resale or for any profit whatsoever and the face value of all gift cards—gift certificates has been pre-paid by FlowerRewards™ for the benefit of its customers. All gift certificates-gift cards and or incentives are and should be considered independent and as separate entities and at arms length from FlowerRewards™.com and its parent company and its employees. All independent terms and conditions of use shall apply for any particular gift card or certificate and its issuer. Absolutely no affiliation, alliance, partnership, connection, joint venture or agreement is expressed or implied by FlowerRewards™.com, its employees or its parent company and the respective companies, marks or brands displayed as rewards or gift certificate incentives in this web site. Additionally, no affiliations or endorsements of any kind is ether expressed or implied of any of the goods and or services displayed or offered in this web site or of FlowerRewards™ from the various gift card—gift certificate brands, companies or entities. All respective trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks, intellectual property, slogans, illustrations, logos, brand or brands, artwork, images or advertising copy does and shall remain the exclusive and sole and exclusive property of each respective corporation, company, individual, group or association and FlowerRewards™.com in no way makes any claim to title, proprietorship, ownership or rights of any kind of the for-mentioned for any reason whosoever. FlowerRewards™.com reserves the right to change, cancel or discontinue any aspect of its incentive / FlowerRewards™.com program for any reason and at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice of any kind to its customers. FlowerRewards™.com is a trademark of Flower Holdings Inc. All rights reserved. ALL DELIVERY CHARGES WILL BE SUBTRACTED FROM THE TOTAL VALUE OF EACH ORDER THAT IS TRANSMITTED TO THE FILLING FLORIST. no part of any service charge is transmitted to the filling florist and is retained by FlowerRewards. Public Notice. The following are Trademarks, in use nationally and worldwide of Flower Holdings Inc. FlowerRewards™ GiftRewards™ Flowers and Gift Rewards™ BloomRewards™ BlossomRewards™ BloominRewards™ PetalRewards™ BalloonRewards™ FlowerMiles™ ShopperMiles™ Frequent FlowerRewards™ The most rewarding way to send flowers™ Sending Flowers has never been so rewarding™ The most rewarding way to send gifts™ Send flowers and get rewarded™ Send flowers and gifts and get rewarded™ Send flowers for any occasion and get rewarded